The Perfect Match Scheme of Wedding Dress and Wedding Suit

At the wedding, you should handpick a white gauze to perfectly match with the groom’s wedding suit. Romantic lace and sparkling crystal decorate the ethereal and holy wedding dress while dainty fabric and exquisite cuts make the wedding suit more stylish. The match of colors and unified style make you who are in love a perfect match!

Romantic and delicate lace is covered on the whole body and the upper body design with rolling chest lines accentuates the bride’s sexy body curve. This a line wedding dress with straps is a perfect combination of romance and sexuality. And the wedding suit is made of high-quality pure white satin. Its flattering cuts highlight the elegant gentleman temperament. Meanwhile, the combination of two classic fabrics also make the graceful and pure atmosphere very harmonious.

Lines rippling at the waist draw the romantic and vintage noble temperament while soft semitransparent light gauze long sleeves make the wedding dress more breathable. When ethereal gauze spreads, this soft style which is full of feminine charm makes a favorable impression on people. And the black satin wedding suit with shawl collar matches with a exquisite white shirt and bow tie. Both the wedding dress and wedding suit show low-key yet classic dainty temperament.

Ethereal and flowing gauze goes with intricate and refined decorations on the chest and at the waist. Beautiful lacework is floor-length and properly exposes the skin to reveal implicit sexy figure. Such kind of wedding dress matches with a low-key and classic modern black wedding suit to make the overall look elegant and flawless.

Make Babies at the Wedding Pretty

If your relative has a beautiful little baby who is about 3-5 years old, then you must invite her to be your flower girl. A pretty little flower girl can bring vitality for your wedding and make atmosphere more joyful and relaxing. Of course, we all hope our own wedding can leave a deep impression for our wedding guests! Therefore, why not start from the flower girl to make your “little baby” pretty?

The flower girl, whose hair naturally drapes with a pink thin hairpin looks natural and fresh. A blue knitted sweater with sequin ruffles makes this little baby quieter. And a pair of blue sequin shoes perfectly echo with the sweater. When she holds a bunch of love flowers and throws petals for your opening show, your wedding guests will absolutely be attracted by her!

Flowers are the most important decoration. A simple updo matches with a garland to make this flower girl’s temperament most suitable for the theme of garden wedding. A light pink knitted sweater and an organza first communion dresses for girls create a typical Chinese flower girl. Although the whole look is simple but indeed appealing! Such a pretty flower girl will surely bring a lot of surprise for your wedding.

A pink blue dress matches with a light pink sash. The whole appearance seems simple but always gives us unexpected effect. Such outfit will not only foil the bride’s exquisite shape but also give wedding guests a refreshing feeling. The simple and elegant style is also the first choice of flower girl’s outfit for wedding!

Petite Brides’ Choice of Wedding Dresses

For the petite bride-to-be, the trailing wedding dress is indeed a little bit cumbersome. It will not only make your small figure entirely buried in the wedding dress, but also make you look somewhat funny. So for petite brides, a short wedding dress is really the first choice. The pulling waistline can elongate the figure visually and make you become a long-legged beauty. With the match of a pair of high-heeled shoes, your petite figure will instantly become tall and willowy. The pretty short wedding dress can be a great choice for those petite brides-to-be.

Another way that petite brides can show their beautiful figures at the wedding is choosing a unique plus size wedding dresses 2015 with flattering design. Many people say that flattering design means tightly fitting the curve, and it’s indeed the case for the wedding dress. So petite brides can show their slender figures by choosing flattering wedding dresses. Meanwhile, their feminine curve charm can also be revealed incisively and vividly.

Many brides think that only a wedding dress with trailing can show their elegant temperament. And there are some shortcomings in elegance for petite brides who are not suitable for wearing wedding dresses with trailing. In fact, there is another wedding dress which is extremely elegant and very suitable for petite brides, and that is mermaid wedding dress. The simple design of mermaid wedding dress perfectly combines with lace to upgrade petite brides’ elegance.