The advantages of the outdoor wedding


1, the idea can be much better:
Outdoor wedding is a new form of wedding, which can be very creative and innovative, and it is the wedding form which is loved by the majority of young people. Compared with the traditional Chinese indoor weddings, there is more space to play, and it eliminates the static mode.


2, we can enjoy the nice view:
The site of the outdoor designer wedding gowns wedding is generally in the scenic forests, lush green mountains and the ponds with waters. The characteristics of these places are scenic intoxicating. Blue sky, white clouds, green grass, water, plus the beautiful wedding arrangements, which can constitute a beautiful picture. If we hold a wedding in this place, it can bring guests good feelings and help them enjoy the beautiful scenery and attend the touching wedding at the same time.

3, you could be free:
Outdoor wedding is unfettered, the open space can give guests a great space, and it also has the flexibility and freedom of the new arrangement inspiration.

4, the ceremony can be simple:
Outdoor wedding is a model which is closest to the western-style wedding, all wedding ceremonies are relatively simple, the new couples and guests will feel at ease, everything can be spent in a relaxed nature, you can spend more time doing things which you like. Wedding dress can always give people the feeling of classic and elegant.

Wedding dress design with a stylish cube: latest international fashion portfolio of the veil

The fashion cube of the designer wedding dresses: this is the photo book of the veil for brides. And I will recommend some fashionable wedding veils for you. Do you want to be a fashionable bride, come and get some ideas?

Yashmak is one common decoration for most brides; they will use it to decorate themselves to make them be more beautiful. And here let’s have a look at those amazing yashmak together.


The veil is an indispensable thing for a bride’s wedding modeling. Then, what is the elegant veil like?
For those brides who have special taste, have you made full preparations for your wedding veils.
The harmony can be viewed as the key to choose a veil.

No matter what style you choose and no matter what the length of the veil is is, you should make sure that it can improve your image as the bride, instead of making a conflict.

One day before the wedding, it is best not to shave hair.

Many people will shave facial hair one day before the wedding day, which could be so wrong. You may shave it before and nothing happens later, so you think that it is OK for you to shave the facial hair. But the wedding day is not like the usual day. The nervous feelings will affect the skin. And some emergency will happen. So you’d better shave your facial hair one week before the wedding day. And in your wedding day, or days before the wedding day, what you need to do is just check. If the facial hair is not too messy, it’s OK then.


If there are not too much facial hair, there is no need for you to shave it. Shaving the facial hair can be a difficult thing. If you don’t pay attention to the shaving, some accidents will happen. If you really want to shave them, you can ask some professional to help you.

The classical wedding dress can be very attractive

Sometimes some classic wedding dress styles can stand the era of change, the so-called wedding dress can be worn for a long time, and that is to say the wedding dress would be fashion in years later. The eternal classic discount designer wedding dresses can stand the test of the time, at any time the dress is popular. Classic wedding dress styles can be counted from the enchanting mermaid princess discount designer wedding dresses, to quiet princess Sisi wedding dress, which are scattered with infinite charm, and they are all beautiful brides against the background of these classic wedding dresses. Beautiful wedding dresses are particularly moving.


The wedding dresses use soft French lace, with good stretch styles, and through the three-dimensional tailoring to fit the bride’s figure, and Swarovski Crystal is also used to let the whole dress look gorgeous and elegant.

16 fish bones are used to keep the stereotypes, so the dress can show the figure of the bride very well. And the thoracic and lumbar curve designs can reveal the perfect figure of the bride. The fold design has fashionable breath no matter on the chest or on the skirt. The taffeta fabric is soft, delicate, light, which can make it easy for the bride to walk.


Simple A line wedding dress not only cut the heavy feeling, but it also blocks the thigh, buttocks shape defects, which can make the bride be thinner. Even the bride is with a fuller figure, they can also be slim with this dress. The ribbon bow can make the dress be vertical and it can bring a grand feeling for the bride.