Romantic luxurious wedding dress can make the bride like the lotus flower

Every girl has a romantic dream, and they hope wearing a dreamy, romantic wedding dress to get married with the beloved prince. Couture wedding dresses can be viewed as the most important clothes in a woman’s life. And most of the brides will spend big bucks to order a customized wedding dress.

This wedding dress will not make you feel unsatisfied. Though the design of the wedding dress is simple, it can still make the bride be fresh and elegant. The design of the dress uses the close fitting waistline to show the sexy figure of the bride. And the sexy strapless design and the backless design can make the bride be more charming. The soft gloss of the fabric can make the bride be more elegant and charming.


The highlight of the wedding dress is the design of the fluffy gown dress, the layers of the skirts can make the bride like the lotus flower, which is soft and beautiful. The romantic and dreamy feeling can make everyone fall in love with the bride with the first glance. The delicate and wonderful trailing of the dress can show the bride’s sexy figures. Bride’s elegant temperaments can be revealed very well.

Teach you how to make beautiful haircut for short haired brides

1.Those brides who have round faces, they are more suitable to choose that partial hairstyle, which can highlight the lines of the face. And a part of forehead can be used to fuzzy the lower hair. And the bang should be collocated well with the hair, which can make you elegant.

2.Those brides who have long faces, they may be not so easy-going. While large scale of messy bangs can be used to solve this problem. This hairstyle can make the bride be more cute and adorable. Those brides who love long hair can make your bang be wider, which can help you to cover your eyebrow. More blog posts, you can visit CocoMelody.

3.Those brides who have square faces can make their hair be fluffy. And the natural curling can make the face be softer. And the width of the bang should be narrow. Hair in both sides should be put inside, which can make your face be smaller.
4.Those brides with diamond faces will give people a sense of sarcastic feeling. So soft and soft bangs will make brides be elegant and beautiful. When they take photos, they can cut their bangs to make a messy effect. If you don’t want to cut your bang, you can put your hair behind your ear.

How to create unique hairstyles

Advance setting
For those brides who have short hair, if you want to change your hairstyles, there may be not so many ways. Because you don’t have the advantages, so you need to talk with your stylist about all the details before the wedding.

1.Choosing head decorations
For those short haired brides, fresh and nature can be your advantages. So you can use natural and fresh decorations to modify your face. A beautiful flower or an elegant veil can be a good choice for you.


2.Choosing characteristics
Every bride has her own personalities, so when you choose the hairstyles, you may have your own styles. If you are gentle, then you can choose light colored decorations. If you are lively, then you can choose bright colored head decorations. And collocating with good wedding dress, you will be very beautiful.

3.Decorations using
For those short haired brides, if you want to create a beautiful image, then you should choose our props now. Hat and wigs can be your choices. And the princess wedding dresses can be collocated with a cake shaped hat, which can change you into the princess. And you should also know that the props should be suitable for you, which can be very important. More blog posts, you can visit CocoMelody.