DIY Tulle Flower Girl Dress

Make your flower girl smile with a handmade whimsical tulle dress.

Making your own tulle flower girl dress adds a personal touch to your wedding while sparing your wallet some of the typical wedding expense. Your flower girl can use the dress in the future for parties, as a costume or to play dress-up. You don’t have to be a experienced seamstress to sew your own tulle flower girl dress. Since tulle will not fray, the edges of the dress don’t need to be finished, limiting the total sewing necessary to complete the project. Basic knowledge of how to sew a seam with a sewing machine is all you need.

Measure your flower girl. You will need (A) the circumference under her armpits and (B) the distance between her armpit and where you want the bottom of the dress to end.

Cut the elastic so that it is the length of the first measurement A.


Cut several pieces of tulle. The width is measurement A times two. The length is measurement B. How many pieces of tulle you need depends on how full you want the dress to be. Start with two to three layers and add more if you want to increase the fullness of the dress.

Pin the layers of tulle to the elastic, starting at one end of the elastic, pleating and pinning every 1/2 inch until you’ve reached the other end of the elastic.

Sew the tulle to the elastic using a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.

Cut a 24-inch piece of ribbon. Fold it in half at a slight angle so it forms a V. Sew the folded end to the middle of the uncovered side of the elastic.

Overlap the two ends of the tulle-covered elastic by 1 inch and sew them together.

Slide the dress onto your flower girl. Tie the ribbon in a bow at the back of her neck and cut the ends wherever you would like them to fall.


On the list of initial options quite a few brides-to-be have to produce is usually no matter if could employ a rose gal (or maybe females) with the woman marriage. Some sort of rose gal gives an element of childhood in addition to taste to help almost any marriage, and naturally this “aww” issue! Higher than a rather experience wearing an incredible flower girl dresses for less, hauling some sort of rose baskets, this rose gal has become component of marriage ceremony because Early Roman days to weeks.

The government financial aid this Early Roman days to weeks, this rose gal took wreaths connected with natural herbs in addition to rice, denoting abundance in addition to libido with the bride and groom. Improving while using the situations, over the Ancient time, this rose gal could take garlic herb decrease this church aisle, that is intended to ward off unpleasant state of mind.

Today’s rose gal ways of life derive from this rose females on the Victorian age. Just like the rose females connected with currently, many people put on light garments that has a hued lace sash though hauling some sort of baskets connected with rose petals to help drop on the church aisle. This “mini-bride” is usually a symbolic representation on the bride’s conversion at a little girl into a person.

Seeing that situations keep transform, this models in addition to ways of life connected with rose females in addition to rose gal garments will definitely evolve while using the situations, since they include since then. Within my Gal Attire, we have now a range of rose gal garments from which to choose, like regular light, “mini-bride” glimpse, to help newer in addition to decorative selections.

How to pick flower girl dresses at

Make sure you have the correct size. A small child can grow up quickly in a short period of time. If you are planning your wedding six months or a year in advance, pick dresses that have seams that can be let out if necessary.

Choose a color that works with the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses you have chosen. If your bridesmaids have picked out dresses in the same color, use the same color for the flower girl’s dress. If the bridesmaids have chosen dresses in several different shades, consider a different shade for the color of theflower girl dresses online For example, a small child can look quite dainty and pretty in a pastel shade of mint green when followed by older members of the wedding in shades of emerald and shamrock.

Look for a dress that a small child will find easy to wear. A simple a line dress will allow the child to get in and out of it without fuss. A shorter hemline is less likely to be stained later on or prove a tripping hazard as the child walks to the altar. Avoid complicated fastenings that may catch on a child’s fingers or get easily lost or broken. Bring the child with you so she can try the dress and get involved in the fitting process.

Consider other factors as well. Think carefully about your use of materials in the entire wedding. Ideally a flower girl dress should complement all other aspects of the wedding. If you are using lace and satin, trim the child’s dress with this fabric. If you are having a fall wedding a flower girl can look quite elegant in a color such pumpkin that reminds guests of the season.

Think carefully about details. A flower girl’s dress should work well with the rest of her ensemble. Plan out every aspect of her outfit. Her shoes should match the rest of the bridal party’s. Her stockings should also be the same shade and material. A flower girl typically carries flowers that she may hold in her hand as she walks down the aisle. She may also carry a basket and spread flower petals in front of the bride. The flowers should match or be similar to the flowers carried by the rest of the bridal party.