The Most Popular Ways to Wear Wedding Veils

Wedding veils worn in different locations will show brides’ different temperaments. Some wearing ways look noble and mysterious while others will show energy and romance wedding dresses online shopping. What kind of temperament you’ll show depends on which kind of veil you are suitable for. Now, let’s take a look at some popular ways to wear wedding veils.

1.Omnipotent central location
Connect the wing of nose to the line of ears and then extend out, wear hair up near the top of the head and attach the wedding veil. You can add some decorative flowers or wear crown embellishments to express a feeling of shame.

2.The back of the head
Wearing a wedding veil at the back of the head can show the bride’s noble and graceful temperament. Many brides will choose this way because the position at the back of the head is comparatively low and there will be nothing changeable in the front. Besides, you can also wear some jewelry like crown overhead to add some highlights.

3.In front of the head
Wearing a wedding veil in front of the head is the most classic and common way, which has a kind of youthful vigor and romantic mystery. Meanwhile, the height of the wedding veil gives people a luxurious feeling and can also make the face look smaller to present a three-dimensional sense.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Veils According to Face Shapes

The oval face which can be the perfect face shape is like a diamond-shaped face, having a wide range of options for wedding veils. Brides who have these two face shapes can choose their favorite styles to match their beach themed wedding dresses 2015.

The round face usually gives people a mellow feeling. So when choosing the wedding veil, brides who have this face shape should choose the style which can elongate the visual sense of the face and then let their hair down. The whole look will be bright.
The long round face will be longer than the oval face. A wedding veil with crown will make the face look longer while a cascadic wedding veil can make the face look wider.

The heart-shaped face is similar to the triangular face, but the latter one has more straight lines. For brides who have this face shape, they had better choose a vertical wedding veil to achieve the perfect effect.
Brides with square face can have their hair curled to soften the strong line. As for the wedding veil, they can choose long styles to soften the face shape.

Lingerie Look on Wedding Dress Shows

What kind of trend will 2014 global lace wedding dress with straps shows stage? Let’s together focus on those shows to let brides-to-be grasp 2014 fashion trend before they choose wedding dresses! I believe these latest designs will absolutely bring lots of fashion inspirations for brides.

In recent years, naked colors have become the hottest key words in the fashion field. Brides who pursue the avantgarde and fashionable style might as well have a try on wedding dresses in nude! Take this naked wedding dress as an example. The color nude mixes and matches lace, which looks rather romantic! And the little mermaid skirt makes the bride very noble as well.

Lingerie look can be an indispensable element of wedding dress fashion trends and it is especially suitable for bold brides whose breasts are plump. This wedding dress has a classic bodice, a simple A-line skirt, a dazzling crystal sash decorated around the waist and a pastel blue color to make brides sexy while still reveal her fresh and quiet style.

The one-shoulder wedding dress with a three-dimensional fluffy sleeve presents a kind of noble and elegant asymmetrical beauty. Combined with the backless design, the whole dress highlights the bride’s mature and sexy charm.