Recommendations of Brides’ Dresses for Wedding Reception

If you find it easy to choose your wedding gown, then your dresses for wedding reception and setting off guests can no longer be simple and solemn. You should show your radiant side in front of your wedding guests; and the dress for setting off guests should show your gentleness and virtuousness. So a graceful and mature evening dress can be the most suitable.

If you want to fully show the gorgeous sense of the Western court, then you should choose a lace dress which has strong feminine charm and there are also rhinestones and beads decorated on it. Meanwhile, the match of some sparkling and small accessories makes the overall style remain the same. And the partly hidden and partly visible look of the little dress can be the most sexy.

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Those luxurious fabrics can be used to show the grand atmosphere of short dresses. The most popular metallic color in this season can be the best element and silver fabrics make short dresses lovely and grand. There are various kinds of accessories to match with short dresses. The crown is a great choice and you can also add something special on your hands.

For jubilance and good luck, the main color of traditional apparels in China is red. So during the wedding reception, you might as well wear a showy red dress to satisfy old people’s needs. And wearing a bright red dress can highlight your status of bride. However, never choose a heavy wedding dress style. You can have a try on a dress with spaghetti straps and beam waist. Then match it with a pair of red or golden high-heeled shoes and some shiny and simple jewelry to make the whole look natural and pretty.

When the bride wears a long evening dress with trailing, she looks elegant and holy. Such kind of cheap wedding dresses online will make the bride have great temperament. And the addition of black or red ribbons on the dress design will increase something mysterious. If you think this dress is very plain, then you might as well match it with some exaggerated accessories.

The Origin and Usage of Wedding Veils

At many Western weddings, we often see lots of brides who wear white wedding dresses use veils to cover their face or head. Perhaps many people don’t understand the reason of wearing veils. Some people guess wearing a veil aims to hide the bride’s beauty while others think its aim is to add a mysterious feeling. However, what is the real reason for wearing a veil? Today, we will introduce the origin of wedding veil to you.

The custom that brides should wear vintage bridal accessories is originated from England. English people advocate white because this color there symbolizes pure love and good luck. So brides will wear white wedding dresses, hold a bunch of white flowers and also wear a white veil on the wedding day.

Actually in the 10th century B.C., women’s wearing veils has prevailed in Mesopotamia. In ancient Greek, not only the bride should wear a flax or woolen veil, the couple also had to wear crowns. Later, during the Roman era, people who believed in different religions would wear veils in different colors to show distinction. After the Middle Age, crowns decorated with pearls appeared in imperial nobles. After that, crowns developed into white tulle veils and the length became increasingly long. Styles are changeable with the fashion trends and now veils are popular all over the world.

In contemporary society, wedding veils represent purity and happiness. The father of the bride can lift the veil and then hand the bride over to her new husband or after vows, the groom can lift the bride’s veil before kissing. And the bride’s lifting the veil by herself means independence.

How to Choose Suitable Accessories for Wedding Dresses

Jewelry wearing
Cheap wedding accessories and facial feature: The facial feature is one of the main bases to choose earrings. And the appropriate wearing of jewelry will have the effect of balancing and flattering the facial feature.
Inverted triangle face shape: This kind of face shape has a relatively pointed chin. Earrings which have the shape of “large lower part and small upper part” will be suitable for brides who have this face shape. And earrings like water drops can be a great choice.
Triangle face shape: This face shape has narrow forehead and broad cheek. So draping earrings will be suitable to elongate the whole face.
Round face: If you have a round face, don’t wear round earrings because they will make your face look rounder. You can choose the draping eardrop to elongate the vision and at the same time try to make the eardrop closely fit your face.

Jewelry and neck
A bride whose neck is short can choose a slender necklace to add the length of her neck from the vision. But those short and thick necklaces should be avoided as they will make the neck look shorter. On the contrary, if a bride has a long neck, she can wear a necklace with two or three bunches. But a too long necklace will make the bride look like a “giraffe”.

Rings and hand shapes
Slender fingers: Brides who have this hand shape are the most enviable because whatever kind of ring they wear, their fingers will look beautiful. And especially those rings with large diamonds or other jewelry rings will make their fingers more graceful. Meanwhile, the band of the ring should be a broad rim. Short and flat fingers: The diamond on the ring should have longer portrait than landscape. For example, an egg shape will enhance the length of fingers. And the band of the ring should be a narrow rim.