Updo Matches with Headdress to Upgrade the Bride’s Temperament

This bridal updo is very creative. The low updo at the back is elegant and also adds something special for the bride’s temperament. And hair on the head is a little bit fluffy and messy, which exudes a kind of natural beauty. Besides, two hairlines near ears wind down to collarbones, making the bridal look rather beautiful and dreamy. When this kind of updo matches with a pretty headdress, earrings and exquisite makeup, the bride’s overall look makes people breathtaking!

Elegant Eastern Type
Tilted bangs slightly cover the forehead to show Eastern women’s beauty. There is also a pretty low updo at the back. And a flower unique wedding dresses 2015 which is close to those tild bangs makes the bride as beautiful and sweet as a fairy.

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Princess Type
If you don’t want to put all hair together into the updo, then you can comb half of your hair to create a princess hairstyle. Bang braids are on the one side while headdress can be worn on the other side. And curly hair at the back is naturally scattered. Such a hairstyle is elegant, exquisite and particularly beautiful.

The fluffy feeling which is specially created can also highlight the bride’s noble temperament. Not too many hair accessories are needed but a good-looking hairstyle can still be created. Hair on the head is a little bit fluffy while a beautiful updo at the back is elegant and tasteful. This bridal look is very demure and makes people enchanted!

Christmas-themed Wedding Photos

Although it’s very cold at Christmas, Christmas-themed wedding photos should still reflect the deep love between the couple. Therefore, wedding photos’ angles and styles are different, but most of them aim to highlight the cozy scene. Now, let’s have a look at two main points of Christmas-themed wedding photos.

1.Christmas-themed apparels include a lovely red hat, a pair of red shoes and red clothes. If you want to match your wedding photos with the Christmas theme, the best matching way is choosing the right wedding dress.
When you take wedding photos, your chosen open back wedding dresses should be mainly made of chiffon. And you can decorate some Christmas-themed elements appropriately at the waist, on the skirt and accessories. In that way, the Christmas theme will not only naturally combine with wedding photos, but people can also feel the festive Christmas atmosphere.
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2.Couples should make beautiful postures with the guidance of the photographer to create three-dimensional lighting effects and grasp every beautiful moment. And especially on a snowy day, that kind of atmosphere will be stronger. You can listen to the familiar Christmas song, see those exquisite and chic Christmas trees, wear a wedding dress which has Christmas air and enjoy the view of the whole city which is covered by the Christmas air. In addition, you can also feel sincere blessings that surrounding people give to you and feel that you are the happiest in the world.

Pregnant Brides Can be Also Beautiful

Tip 1: A wedding dress with spaghetti straps will provide a sense of security for brides who are at this special time. At least they don’t have to change underwear, so it’s very safe and can be safer in winter. Surely, such a flattering bodice can also make people focus on the upper body.

Tip 2: This design forms an inverted triangular pattern from the vision, which greatly flatters the waistline. Meanwhile, decorations like sequins and pearls make the finishing point for the whole wedding dress. And this kind of dress is very suitable for outdoor weddings.

Tip 3: Pregnant brides can also choose satin cheap wedding dresses online, which will make them look slim. But if they get cold easily, the illusion lace wedding dress is a great choice as well because it will keep out wind and be less cumbersome.

Tip 4: Brides who are pregnant can also match their wedding dresses with shawl and add a white gauze which is similar to silk scarf. This will increase the design sense of wedding dress and can also keep warm.

Warm prompt:
It is known that renting maternity wedding dresses is more expensive than renting common wedding dresses and the customized price is also higher than rental price. However, those wedding dresses have exquisite workmanship. With the assistance of wedding dress, gloves and bouquet, the pregnant belly can also be greatly flattered.

Customized wedding dresses can be suitable for brides who are at different phase of gestation, but their future usage is lower than common wedding dresses and the cost is high. So we don’t advise pregnant brides to purchase them.

However, if pregnant brides really want to wear customized wedding dresses, the time should be 2 months in advance.