Bridal Hairstyles That are Suitable to Wear the Wedding Veil

Intricate updo or pretty short hair? Do you know what kind of hairstyle is the most suitable to wear the wedding veil? Let’s together have a look.

Intricate updo that is suitable for long hair
Intricate patterns on the updo and other simple hair are in a contrast while the slightly bulging hair on the top of the head elongates the whole face. Such kind of hairstyle is suitable for brides with round face. It can match with various kinds of wedding veils.

Curly hairstyle that is suitable for short hair
If you have beautiful and natural curly hair, why not show off them? Try to part your hair in the middle and wear a wedding veil with layers. The whole look will be surely full of romantic feeling.
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Very smooth high updo
The high updo is very suitable for bridal hairstyle because it will let all people’s attention focus on your beautiful face. It’s totally enough to match it with sparkling jewelry or simply match it with a classic cheap wedding veils.

Side updo which is suitable for straight hair
We like this bride’s match of the low side updo and a veil with polka dots very much. If you look closely, you will find that her hair on the forehead turns into the French braid. It’s so great!

Side braided hairstyle that is suitable for long curly hair
The braided hair increases something pretty and decorative for the whole hairstyle. Remember to be fluffy and a little bit messy so that the overall look will not be rigid. The wedding veil hides behind the hair and there is a vintage hairpin decorating on one side of it.

Natural and casual low updo
After making the hair a low updo, you can leave several hair on the forehead, curl them and put them on cheeks to create a relaxing and casual effect. And when it matches with this wedding veil which is decorated with lacework, the whole look increases romantic and exquisite sense.

Choose Wedding Dress Styles According to Different Face Types

Before you choose the cheap wedding dresses online, you should know what kind of face type you have. This will help you look for a wedding dress that is suitable for you!

Oval Face
This is the perfect and ideal face type. It is usually called egg-shaped face and belongs to the traditional face of beauty. There’s no need to add some decorations, so you will have multiple choices of wedding dress styles if you have such kind of face type.

Round face
This face type looks wide and plump, so the length should be added to reduce the round sense. The V-neck wedding dress will be the most suitable. If you choose a wedding dress with jewel neck, the neck should be larger than the face type to make it smaller.
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And in daily life, if you have a round face, you should also pay attention to the match of V-neck apparels.

Indeed, for people with round face, V-neck clothes will make their face longer and make them better-looking.

Square face
This face type belongs to the wide type, which gives people a strong angle feeling. A wedding dress with jewel neck will strengthen such kind of feeling while a wedding dress with U-neck can weaken this visual effect. The square face which doesn’t look large is very individual. So the personal beauty should be accentuated.

Triangle-shaped face
The triangle-shaped face looks like a pear with a broad lower jaw and a narrow upper jaw. So if you have such kind of face, you’d better choose a wedding dress with V neck. It will make your face type natural. And V-neck apparels are also your best choice in your everyday life.

Diamond-shaped face
The edge line of triangle-shaped face and square face is both obvious and corner angles can be easily seen. This face type is pointed, long and narrow. Both upper jaw and lower jaw are small. So if you have a diamond-shaped face, you’d better use bang to hide the upper jaw and use fluffy hair on sides to increase the width of the lower jaw. Then the whole face type will turn into the inverted triangle type. Thus, there are also no limitations to the choice of collar.

For women who have such kind of face type, they should pay attention to the match of hairstyle and apparels. They can try to have neat bangs to cover the upper jaw. In this way, their face will be good-looking.

Cleaning Ways of Wedding Dresses

Today I will teach you several cleaning ways of wedding dresses. The precious wedding dress is worth your careful collection. So try to treat it well!

Notes for cleaning wedding dresses
1.Check decorations before cleaning. If there are some glued decorations on the affordable designer wedding dresses, you should clean it carefully. Don’t rub and scrub with force. And try to disassemble those detachable objects before cleaning.

2.Check if there are some loose beads or sequins before cleaning to avoid the occasion that beads and sequins have fallen down after cleaning.
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3.Try to put the reverse side outside when you clean the wedding dress.

4.Please try to use neutral (soft) cleaner.

Features of dirt
1.There is dirt on the chest and behind the neck because that place is close-fitting with the chest, so it will be dirty easily.

2.There may be cosmetics and lipstick on the shoulder.

3.Maybe there is lipstick, vegetable soup and stains in the front of the wedding dress.

4.There is candle oil, vegetable soup or oil stain on the skirt.

5.There are soil stains on the train.

Cleaning ways of the satin wedding dress: The satin wedding dress is relatively thick so you don’t have to clean it like silk. But there are still several points that you need to pay attention to:
(1)Use water with 30-45 degrees, add a small number of detergent, mix them up and soak the wedding dress for half an hour.

(2)Gently rub the wedding dress, then change the water, add detergent, and then soak it, repeat this for some times until the water is clean.

(3)Tile the wedding dress on the table. Use the brush to dip some detergent to brush it. When there is no dirt on the wedding dress, then use water to soak it for a while (several liquid chlorine bleach can be added to clean the white wedding dress).

(4)Use hands to gently rub the dress and don’t clean it with force.

(5)Use clean water to wipe off detergent ( the wedding dress which is bleached by Chlorine should undergo the neutralizing treatment).

(6)Hang dry the wet wedding dress in a ventilation place.

(7)Iron the wedding dress carefully.