Court Style Wedding Dresses

COCO logoToday, the fashion world has whipped up a wave of retro style, and the wedding gowns world has also whipped up the European court style, this kind of luxurious wedding dress styles 2016 is very popular among girls.

Strapless cake dresses
Smooth and elegant satin bow at the waist adds some sweet and noble sense just like a princess to the strapless wedding dress which is originally full of womanly feeling and cute enough. The feather decoration at the dress hem make the brides so charming and beautiful just like a pretty white swan when walking.

Chiffon cake dresses
The dress hem made of pieces of elegant and lithe chiffon just like some lily petals which spreads out delicate fragrance, flowing on the brides’ body beautifully, really adds some graceful and pretty beauty, is really suitable for young brides to wear.

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Charming Sheath-Column Queen Anne Natural Train Lace Ivory Sleeveless Zipper With Button Wedding Dress with Sashes and Appliques

Concise little A line wedding dresses
Concise and pouring down small A line wedding dresses not only can reduce the heavy sense that the wedding train brought, but also can cover the shortages of your legs and buttocks, so that even more plump figure bride can also wear to show a slim figure. Ribbon bow is vertically decorated at the bride’s waist, really adding the wedding dress a grand feeling.

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Irregular dress hem wedding dresses
Irregular dress dress neatly out of the past wedding dress design constraints, so that the whole dress becomes patchwork, under the satin dress hem, layered with faint fluttering veil, make the bride be more somewhat vivid elegant beauty, full of temperament sense.

Perfect Collocation of Belts and Bridal Gowns

LB logoMany brides have had such a feeling, always feel others’ cheap lace wedding dresses styles are similar to their owns’. They are almost all the white long train wedding dresses, or strapless wedding dresses, or thin strap wedding dresses. Anyway, the whole gown is seemed that there is no special thing. However, as a determined bride, you should do from the collocation of wedding dresses. Make the small details to be your bright points, and become the most attractive thing of the whole dress. Today, Demi will share that how to make a perfect matching of temperament belt and wedding dress.

Mashup style is casual, nature and not contrived, and even has a very good body modification , at the same time, fashion degree is unabated. There are also too many elements can be beautiful and warm, which reflects a seemingly inadvertently reveal of delicacy. Well, actually the wedding dress can also have mixed matching elements, then, let’s take a look at what’s the effect when the wedding dress matches with the belt!

Divine Bateau Dropped Train Lace White Long Sleeve Wedding Dress with Appliques 

10.28 LBlace a1

Seemingly casual, but in reality it is a surprise. As an elegant wedding dress, taste is determined by details. Matching a same color tulle belt with the bridal gown can not only increase the multilevel sense, but also add the bright points to the waist.

Mashup is a new combination which is full of personality features. Lace and white tulle is a classic collocation, but if you take a thin belt, then, your slender waist is highlighted even more! Sexy and elegant feeling is this!

Tips for How to Match Wedding Accessories

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Wedding dresses usually need the following accessories: wedding veil, gloves and shawl. Next, let’s see these three accessories and also their matching tips, which will make you learn more about them and also perfectly match with your spring 2016 wedding dresses.

The main fabric of wedding veils is grid yarn. It can be classified into hard gauze and soft gauze according to hardness.

Features of hard gauze: the grid is bigger and the hardness is strong. It can create a very fluffy effect.
Disadvantage: It’s not flowing enough.

Soft gauze is favored by most of brides-to-be. It is flowing and draping enough. But of course, the price is a little bit expensive.

The wedding veil had better be customized together with the wedding dress. Similar hue and lacework can be added based on those details of the wedding dress. This can create a harmonious ensemble.

Gloves are the most humble among those wedding accessories. The principle of choosing wedding gloves is to be coordinated with the bridal gown in style, material and also color. With its accompaniment, your wedding dress will be more perfect.

Shawl is one of the most wedding accessories. When you wear a simple wedding dress with a shawl, your noble and elegant temperament will be naturally shown. And especially in cool autumn, a shawl can make you warm.

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