Wedding design: the actual attachment

Designer dresses can bring you surprise: What should the bridesmaids do during the wedding day? On this issue, perhaps you think that you know the right answer, but in fact if you think it carefully, you may find that it was too general.




A wedding is the most important thing in a woman’s life. And you can take this into the consideration when you are choosing the wedding dress for you friends. It will cost a lot of time and money inevitably. If there is a process when you buy the dress accompanied by the best man and the maid of honor, it can be restricted to avoid this problem. Because groomsman and the bridesmaid will not be confused by the merchants’ praise, so they can give you some suggestions which can be very useful.


Although before marriage, you could buy new products consistent with the preference of your own decision, but when the new couple wants to listen to others’ advice, the best suggestion should be given by the groomsman and the bridesmaid. Because of that they are familiarize you with the best relationship, and they can directly express their views, not just blindly praise you. Proper suggestions can help you a lot and let you know some views of the outsiders, which can be very useful for you to go further along the way.

Wayward pleasant wedding dress can be very charming

Miss wayward meow
Long fur shawl is capricious enough, the cat ear wave point mask, and the modern girls will like the style of this dress.

Hey bride
JPG comes every season with the last modeling which stands out. Original Mimi tee uncovered the veil of bold, cut off from the thighs and waist, the shape is very dramatic enough.



Science and technology can also be very beautiful
SR suggests that it looks very complicated, there are 17 world philosopher Rene Descartes regulate logical thinking maybe some inspiration, Roland, the clothing on the show have hierarchy structure form of logical thinking. Even wedding dress looks very high-tech, although a little cold, a bit abstract, but you still have to admit that it is beautiful.

Delicate restoring ancient ways
The appearance of restoring ancient ways is the window of the RR and delicate lace fabrics, full lace or embroidery creates three dimensional on the simple modeling plump chest.

In addition to the luxury or extravagance
Z gene of luxury brand, every season there will be a big Asian princess dress wedding dress, this is to use embroidery, hornblende, higher levels of luxury.


In a fairy world
A clear spirit and elegant designer wedding gowns are beautiful, and the hollow and chiffon make the dress like concealed under the background of the skin, the modeling is simple and ingenious.

Wish all the brides good luck and be the happiest brides in the world. If you like the designs above, you can come to cocomelody to have a look at those beautiful wedding dresses. You will certainly love the styles.

You should note the details when you choose the wedding dress

First thing
Online shopping can only see photos, but can’t see pictures of wedding dress version of the type and quality of a material is good or bad, the seller will usually show real photos, or see different pictures. Pay attention to the details of the plan, sometimes also can see from picture the details of image quality, workmanship and materials.



Second thing
Since the site can’t try, size is particularly important. Size different style is different, is usually a net height, measurement (bust, waist, hips), shoes can be high, depending on the style, shoulders, chest at the bottom of the bust wide, long neck, back, back, as well as long dozens of data, in a word, the more detailed, the better, according to the data you provided, the seller will choose your size.

Third thing
It requires that the owner must complete zoom room, leave the wedding dress according to you at any time effect to adjust.


Fourth thing
Dress edition type, fabric, workmanship, in the style of the wedding photos and other sellers will include a short introduction, the most vulnerable, such as import satin fabric is used, imported yarn, beads ornament is imported, imported lace. For the uninitiated, cannot distinguish the difference between domestic and imported, so to provide the name of a specific fabric stores of the best choices, before you buy, the bride also in-depth knowledge of fabrics.

If you know all the things above said by the best wedding dress designers, then you can find the wedding dress which can fit your body very well. If you know some knowledge of the fabric, then you can find the best wedding dress for yourself.