How to make the arrangement of the wedding day

If you want to hold a winter wedding ceremony, you can use some winter elements to make the wedding be more like fairy tale. And if you like those fluffy designer wedding dresses, you can be more like a princess. I will teach you some tips about holding a winter wedding.


Winter wedding arrangements: the economic benefits of choice
In December, November and January, the hotel prices will be lower than those wedding seasons, especially in October, which has common nearly 10% – 20% of the decline, each table will cheaper 800 Yuan, 20 tables of a wedding, total can be 16000 Yuan cheaper.

Modeling rules: Dreamy and shine
Winter will make the decorative things display their beauty to the largest extent. Crystal, diamond, sequins, feathers, lace, and all these adornments can increase the dreamlike effect. And the shape of the bride could be revealed very well. And the decorations can also let girls feel excited. Let the designer wave his magic stick to add the dreamy atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. Furs, jewelry can mix together, which can make the bride be sexier and shinier. Those brides who like to put on makeup can also try romantic long eyelashes and sexy blonde dinner makeup.

The wedding dress with the straps can show the sexy temperaments

The hot summer can not stop the step of the new couples; they will still hold the wedding ceremonies. Some may enter the holy church, some may hold the wedding on the lawn and some may hold outdoor weddings as well, which can be gentle and romantic. But no matter where you are holding the wedding ceremony, for the bride, a beautiful designer gowns can be used to memory the amazing moment of her life.


This time I will introduce a wedding dress for you, which belongs to the straight floor length wedding dress. And this wedding dress adopts the most popular high waist line design to show the beautiful S curve line of the bride. The simple strapless design of this dress as well as the fashionable flower straps cab show the elegance, nobleness and luxurious feelings in a low key way.

logoThe simple elegant white strapless wedding dress can use three dimensional cutting designs to show the pure temperaments of the bride. The backless design of this wedding dress can show the back of the bride very well. The simple belt can make the wedding dress be more elegant and sexy. Though this wedding dress is simple, the wedding dress can still make the wedding dress be high end and luxurious. This is a deserve having wedding dress.

The advantages of the outdoor wedding


1, the idea can be much better:
Outdoor wedding is a new form of wedding, which can be very creative and innovative, and it is the wedding form which is loved by the majority of young people. Compared with the traditional Chinese indoor weddings, there is more space to play, and it eliminates the static mode.


2, we can enjoy the nice view:
The site of the outdoor designer wedding gowns wedding is generally in the scenic forests, lush green mountains and the ponds with waters. The characteristics of these places are scenic intoxicating. Blue sky, white clouds, green grass, water, plus the beautiful wedding arrangements, which can constitute a beautiful picture. If we hold a wedding in this place, it can bring guests good feelings and help them enjoy the beautiful scenery and attend the touching wedding at the same time.

3, you could be free:
Outdoor wedding is unfettered, the open space can give guests a great space, and it also has the flexibility and freedom of the new arrangement inspiration.

4, the ceremony can be simple:
Outdoor wedding is a model which is closest to the western-style wedding, all wedding ceremonies are relatively simple, the new couples and guests will feel at ease, everything can be spent in a relaxed nature, you can spend more time doing things which you like. Wedding dress can always give people the feeling of classic and elegant.