How to choose wedding dresses (2)

First, you should choose a wedding dress which is suitable for your facial color. I believe that all brides have a princess dream that getting married with prince charming in a golden beach with a pure white wedding dress. However, white color is not so suitable for all girls. If you are not so white, you’d better choose other colored designer dresses for weddings to make you more beautiful in your wedding.

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When you buy the wedding dress, you should take care of the prices and the fabrics of the wedding dresses, to figure out whether this is worth for you to pay for the wedding dress. And what you should do is to choose the most suitable wedding dress and become the most beautiful bride in your wedding day. There are no women want to be beautiful, but when we choose the wedding dress, we should know that only those most suitable wedding dresses can make us be beautiful. If we just choose the wedding dresses from the shops which are similar to the TV shows, we may find that we will not be so beautiful in such dresses.

Some knowledge about the selection of diamonds (2)

The purity of the diamonds
In general, the value of diamond can be determined with the flaws. More accurate said, we should find that how much impurities exist in the ore. Almost each drill in ores contains impurities, even if it is a diamond with good quality.


Carat was considered to be only measurement of diamond. And this can be viewed as a measurement of the worth of diamonds in the decisive criteria. In fact, the diamond cutting, color and clarity and weight for the diamond value are all equally important. The weight of the diamond is not the main factors to measure the diamonds. The weight of the diamond still affects its value. Clarify the jeweler, you should ask the accurate weight of your diamond from the shop owner. So at the time of purchasing designer wedding gowns , you should ask the weight carefully. If the jeweler is not willing to do so, then you can go to another store.

Mosaic is a very important part of picking a good diamond. The poor mosaic skill will cause a lot of trouble things, it may cause the diamonds to fall. Therefore when you buy a diamond ring, you must check the bracket, to find out whether it is thick enough.

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The shape of the diamond
Now there are more and more styles on the market, the jewelry designer is also innovative constantly. But if it is compared to the classical styles, which is round, oval, pearl and square. Diamond shape in general does not affect the value and quality. On the contrary, it can reflect the diamond cutting skills.

How to customize the most satisfying wedding cake (1)

logoThe wedding cake is indispensable in people’s wedding ceremonies with personalities. And it is one kind of important dessert, but it also means happiness. So when you choose the wedding cake, you need to pay more attention to the details, then we can have a look at those details.


1. Other decoration
Cake can be covered with chocolate coat, which can be a major feature. It is a few more expensive than those made of butter. It like the rubber adhesive or those flavor additives, they often need to be handmade. It also increases the price of the cake. Then the sugar rose is cheaper than sugar orchid. The flower is more peculiar, the price would be higher. So how to save costs can be a question. You can use less sugar flowers, and replaced them with fresh flowers. This can affect a cake style; the best way is to use flowers to decorate the wedding cake. Flowers can change the outlook of the cake; flowers can also make the cake have a better flavor with an inexpensive method. Related Reading >>>designer dresses for weddings


2. Simple and clean style
All experts agree with that the wedding cake should be concise and elegant, which is the principle. So you need to choose a new cake with clear outlines, beautiful and elegant appearance can be much better than the cake composed of pearls and flowers.