Colorful wedding dresses have been popular in 2016

In April and October of each year, wedding dress designers will come in a hurry to release the new series of designer dresses for the coming year before the wedding season. In these three days, those world famous wedding dress designs are gathered together to design the wedding dresses.


Some of them may pay attention to the wedding dress designs at the early times, some of them may be famous because of some fashionable designs shown in the red carpet, some of them may just begin to take part in the fashion clothing design, so each of them will show different style. When you see them, you will know that your knowledge about wedding dresses have been out of date.

White color has always been the main color of wedding dresses. In nowadays, simple colors and gray colors have been loved by those famous designers. In the 2016 spring and summer wedding dress show, some bright colors have been used. The large area printing thick and heavy colors and high saturation colors, and the fresh and elegant Macarons colors have also been used to make the wedding dress look amazing and beautiful.

Delicate fresh wedding dress can show the mature and elegant temperaments of the bride

Wedding dress carries the wishes of the bride. All brides want to show their bright spots at their wedding day. So many brides choose to find some professional designers to design a wedding dress for them. And many brides hope that their designer wedding dresses can be amazing and beautiful, at the same time, the wedding dress should be romantic and elegant enough. Now I will introduce an elegant wedding dress for you, and I hope this can give you some inspirations when you choose the wedding dresses.

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This wedding dress has paid much attention to the details of the designs. The texture processing of the bra part is full of wave motion, which can be very fresh and elegant. The waistline and the skirt use one piece of embroideries to make the wedding dress more fluent. The simple wedding dress can show the different charm of the bride. The fresh and elegant small trailing can make the bride more elegant and beautiful. This is a wedding dress which is full of characteristics.

Romantic luxurious wedding dress can make the bride like the lotus flower

Every girl has a romantic dream, and they hope wearing a dreamy, romantic wedding dress to get married with the beloved prince. Couture wedding dresses can be viewed as the most important clothes in a woman’s life. And most of the brides will spend big bucks to order a customized wedding dress.

This wedding dress will not make you feel unsatisfied. Though the design of the wedding dress is simple, it can still make the bride be fresh and elegant. The design of the dress uses the close fitting waistline to show the sexy figure of the bride. And the sexy strapless design and the backless design can make the bride be more charming. The soft gloss of the fabric can make the bride be more elegant and charming.


The highlight of the wedding dress is the design of the fluffy gown dress, the layers of the skirts can make the bride like the lotus flower, which is soft and beautiful. The romantic and dreamy feeling can make everyone fall in love with the bride with the first glance. The delicate and wonderful trailing of the dress can show the bride’s sexy figures. Bride’s elegant temperaments can be revealed very well.