How to choose the veils for the wedding day

1.You can choose the veil according to the length.
The veil can be viewed as the most important decoration for the headdress. And the first rule for you to choose the veil is that it should collocate well with the wedding dress. Generally speaking, if the wedding dress is long, then the veil can be long. If the dress is short, then the veil can be short. If you choose the floor length wedding dress, then you can choose those 3-4 meters veil. But if you choose those long trailing wedding dress, and then don’t choose those too long veils. The layers of veils can cover the important places. More blog posts, you can visit CocoMelody.

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2.You can choose the veil according to the style.
The layers of veils can make your face seem thinner and cuter. The veil can be divided into single layered veil and double layered veil. These two kinds of veils can give people different feelings as well. The short veils can make the headdress seem fluffy, which is suitable for those cute girls. And the short veils can also make you seem slimmer from the visual effect.
Single layered veil is very common. And it is suitable for any kind of bride. It can lengthen your height as well.

Red evening dress is sexy and amazing

When you are going to attend a formal party, you should wear an appropriate dress. In foreign countries, there is even a special evening dress. The appearance of the evening dresses can also be viewed as an attitude of life. Chinese people are more accustomed to the color red, so we can have a look at those red dresses now.

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When we choose evening dresses, we should pay much attention to the choice of the color. And many black dresses use black color as the main tone. But the modern ideas are more open, and the dress design has been more fashionable. No matter you are in Europe or domestic, there are quite a lot of people loves choosing red evening dresses. Red color is more conspicuous, and it can also be used to represent an enthusiastic and passionate feeling, so it is helpful for girls to participate in social activities. This kind of dresses can not only make you sexy, they can also make you be more attractive and shiny.

The short bridesmaid dress can create a fresh bridesmaid

Bridesmaids can be viewed as the most important guests in the wedding, they can not only make the bride be more attractive, and they can also show us a different view at the wedding. And the bridesmaid dresses are relatively simple. The fluent lines of the dress can show us its characteristics. Choosing the most suitable dress which can heighten the elegance of us, you should pay more attention to every detail. Now I will show you some beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

When the summer comes, many bridesmaids can not accept the long bridesmaid dresses. And more bridesmaids are more willing to choose those short bridesmaid dresses. So this time I want to show you a short bridesmaid dress which has full characteristics. And now I will show you this.
This bridesmaid dress uses the most fashionable style to design the waistline, which can be used to show the delicate bridesmaid’s figure. The strapless design can make the bridesmaid be sexier and more elegant. This bridesmaid dress can make the bridesmaid be fresh and beautiful.