Golden Rules for the Bridegroom to Choose Appropriate Suits

The suit should be comfortable when you wear it.

Even the most expensive men’s wear, if it is not suitable for you, then when you wear it, it is still not so amazing. And no matter how handsome you are, you can not save the result as well.

You’d better to be bold instead of dull.


The common gray suit can be suitable for those traditional weddings. But it doesn’t means that you have to dress like that. You can show your own taste of the fashion style. There is no big deal in this case.

When you do all these I told you, you will find that it is easy for you to be handsome. And the most important thing is that don’t seem to be weak. You should be strong, because you are the husband at that moment, you have someone to protect since then.


Choose the Groom’s Suits According to the Skin Color

Along with the development of the standard of life, man’s suits have more and more styles. But as the wedding suits, men should choose the formal men’s wear. Man’s suits can be divided into two pieces and three pieces. When people choose the suits, they can choose them according to the skin color, figures, and fabrics of the clothes and the colors of the suits.


When we buy the suits according to the skin color, those grooms with black facial color should not wear cold colored suits. For example, the white color, the rice color and so on. These kinds of colors will form a bright contrast, so the face would seem blacker. These grooms should not choose dark brown colored suits. Because of that such color is similar to the skin color, so it will make the groom not so handsome. In this case, those bridegrooms can choose gray colored suits and white shirts. In addition, he can also use red or black ties to make himself be more handsome.


Light Green Bridemaid Dress is Soft and Elegant

Choosing an appropriate bridesmaid dress for their own can not be an easy thing, especially for those who want to make an entrance with their BFFs. It is more difficult for them to choose their own long bridesmaid dresses. I want to introduce a dress to you and I hope this can help.


This bridesmaid dress uses light green as its main color, which can be used to represent the vitality, the energy and so on. We all know that young girls are full of vitality. As for the style, this dress uses loose structural design, so the woman will be more elegant and natural.


When we talk from the details, we can find that this dress is also very unique. The collar of the dress uses a large V-shaped design to make the whole dress very sexy. The three-dimensional designed roses in the neckline can add a trace of girl’s soft and lovely feelings. A loose belt on the waistline can add a little more elegant sense for the woman. In general, this is a very unique bridesmaid dress.