All the Way to Simplicity: Sincere Thick Satin Court Train Wedding Dress

Simplicity is considered as new fashion recently. In fact, the simpler the couture is, the more ladies fancy. Owing to this brand new trend, quite a few top wedding dress designers have made their decision to apply several sincere yet classy white gowns to their own collection. Run through it with me, won’t you?01017_c

Thick satin is always appreciated by designers, especially minimalists, for its great ability to keep the original design in shape. As you can see from the elegant gloss the fabric reveals, this thick satin court train gown the picture presents, true sincerity, is just the perfect interpretation of first-class wedding dress. Moreover, you might seem especially beautiful with the close fit bodice embellishing the curves of yours. If you’re looking for a combination of grace and grandness, this sincere bridal gown from CocoMelody must become your first choice.


Thick Satin Wedding Dress: Confidence within Sincerity

Girls with various characteristics will show different taste on their wedding dresses. Some of the brides prefer romantic dreamy wedding dresses while others are more into simple and elegant ones. In fact, some might even insist in extreme sincerity sometimes. From my perspective, the bridal dress means nothing if you don’t like it, no matter how gorgeous it might be. Now, let’s see if I can inspire you with some lovely sincere designer wedding dresses.


Thick satin is used to produce this sincere plain white gown, which not only features in its beautiful glow, but also amazing at keeping the original design in shape. We can tell easily from the design that the dress comes out of a minimalist dress-maker for sure. Nothing redundant can be detected on the dress, just pure romance and simplicity shining beneath the spotlight.


Wedding Customs of Different Countries

Greece: Candies in the Gloves.

Greek brides will put some candies into the gloves during wedding preparation, meaning that she brings sweetness into the life. Moreover, Greek enjoyed greeting the wedding guests by dancing traditional hora in their amazing wedding dresses and suits. The leading singer of the choir would ask the bridegroom to take care of the bride and the bride would tap the groom’s feet to show her respect. Almonds in frosting would be sent as presents for the guests, which symbolizes happiness and abundance.


Italy: The Marriage of Sweet and Bitter.

Italians have similar wedding customs with the Greek. Their traditional dance, “tarantella”, is their way to greet their guests as well. What’s more, they also send people sweetened almonds as a gift. The only difference between must be the symbol of the sweets. From their perspective, almonds with frosting represent the marriage of bitterness and sweetness of the new couple for the rest of their lives. Italian brides will usually carry a small bag called “busta” around with money and sweets inside.