Mermaid Wedding Dress can Show the Bride’s Figure Perfectly

There are many different categories of wedding dresses. As one of the most special types of clothing; wedding dress has its unique charm. Although the majority of women think that there will be only one chance for them to wear wedding dress during their lives. All the girls do not want to compromise in this aspect. Many prospective brides will invite top wedding designers to design a unique set of marriage gauze. And today I want to introduce a type of significant wedding dress for most brides; we could pay attention to this wedding dress together!


So when you are choosing an appropriate wedding dress, you can take mermaid wedding dress into account if your figure is relatively well. This kind of wedding dress can show the figure of the brides very well. White color wedding dress can make the bride very holy and pure. Wedding day is the biggest day of our lives, and most of us want to be the most beautiful woman in the day.


If you ask me about that what kind of wedding dress is the most significant kind, then there is no doubt that the mermaid wedding dress is the most beautiful for any kinds of female postures. If the wedding dress is the transparent long sleeved lace wedding dress, and the high waistline design can highlight the texture of the wedding dress, which can be very elegant. Perfect backless design can be more enchanting, which can show your temperament very well. Those pearl decorations can add unique beauty for the wedding dress. The sexy mermaid design is very luxurious, elegant and amazing, just like mermaid jumping out of the water, charming and beautiful which can be beyond imagination!


The fashion trend of the beautiful clothes

The deep V power coat “into”

From the magnificent show more or less as you can see the popular trend of wedding dress in 2016. Here we summarized seven keywords for you guys who want to put on wedding dress followed the trend in 2016, to be the most beautiful bride!

Key words: Hubble-bubble sleeve, flouncy sleeves


In this season, the lotus leaf shaped hanging down object fold like an unfinished work, with large area of scattered folds in the level, which can rich individual characters, and that more natural messy fold in luxuriant dresses seemed unusually quiet.

Keywords: tassel

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The beauty of tassel is the lightness and elegance, which has the taste of freedom and broad, swaying handsome and elegant feelings to the other people. This one along with the nature characteristic is the focus in the street and you will become the conspicuous spot at the same time. Both sweet and handsome, there is always a natural and unrestrained way for you to grab them down.

Keywords: high collar

High collar is no longer synonymous with warm and elegant restoring ancient ways, they are sweet and charming, and designers have to bring this element into a new season of the wedding dress.

Clothes with different styles can reveal different temperaments of the wearers. The clothes sold on our shop are all made of the cloth with high qualities. And we all know that only those clothes with good quality as well as good service can keep the customers and win the love from the customers. Affordable beautiful clothes can be found from Landybridal and you can get appropriate clothes to fit any situations from this site.

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Lace strapless wedding dress is beautiful and stunning

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Lace design is a beautiful, unique technology, through sophisticated processing, the pattern embossed has a slight effect, and it is a gentle touch, giving a grand, elegant feel. Lace Bra has a lovely, romantic aesthetic, luxurious atmospheric style. It is the first choice for many brides. Here I will introduce spring 2016 wedding dresses belongs to this type, let’s have look at it together.

1.12 COCO2016 a2

This belongs to the trailing strapless wedding dress; from the point of view it using a high-end fabric lace as the main material for this piece, the overall design is based on romantic feeling, and the exquisite lace pattern embossed pattern has a slight effect, soft to the touch, giving one kind of crafted luxury and it can also reflect the romantic character.

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Charming A-Line Sweetheart Natural Train Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Zipper With Button Wedding Dress with Appliques

And if you are going to hold a wedding party, you can dress in a short wedding gown with light color, such as purple or white. And you can find those beautiful wedding dresses from our online shop. To be the most beautiful bride, you should have a try of such 2016 wedding dress. You will love them.


From the overall style design of the wedding dress, the wedding designer also took lots of effort; the shiny spot of this piece of strapless wedding dress is the high-waist design which can show the bride’s soft body curves. While the bra section connecting to the arm is attractive, revealing the atmosphere of luxury, so this is a very amazing wedding dress.

Different wedding gowns are made with different fabrics. As the colors, light colors can be chosen if you want to hold a traditional wedding ceremony.