How to take beautiful wedding photos

1. When you are taking the location filming, you can with the help of some small props, it can make new couple be more comfortable to show all kinds of poses, especially for those inexperienced new couples, it can effectively improve the natural expression. At the same time, it can also play the role of the assistance of capturing, especially those colorful props, which can make the picture be richer.


2, When you are take the wedding photos; the new couple is easy to show us the white eyes, which can be very unnatural. And it is not suitable for warm wedding photos, especially when photographers shoot the new couple from the high angle of view, it is easy to appear the situation. But good photographer will grasp the good angle degree, and they will require the couples to raise their heads as far as possible, this can be used to avoid “the supercilious look”.
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3, Wedding photos are different from those art photos, if you are pretending to be “cool”, that is not wise. If your expression is not so good, but you want to be beautiful in the photo, that can be very difficult. Smiling is the best, innocent and lively natural prop for wedding photo taking, which is the most attractive. And it is recommended that the new couple can practice smiling two weeks before the photo taking. We should know that we should laugh for a whole day, if you don’t have the habit to smile, which can be very difficult for you to take wedding photos. Post from CocoMelody.

Double straps wedding dresses can be simple and innovative

As an old saying goes: one’s meat is another one’s poison. Not all the brides like choosing the fluffy complicated gown style wedding dress or those dresses made of lace. In recent years, there are more and more brides choosing concise cheap designer wedding dresses for their wedding day. Here I will show you an innovative wedding dress, which is very simple and elegant.


Wedding dresses with straps can be concise and innovative, so if you like this design, you can also choose one for your wedding day. If you want to choose a wedding dress to make you be fashionable and classic for all the time, you could choose those simple and elegant wedding dresses. Only those wedding dresses can stand the test of time and only they can be called as the classic wedding dresses forever.

This wedding dress uses thick stain as the main fabric. Because of that such fabric can remain the original design of the wedding dress which made by the wedding dress designers. This is also the reason why many famous designers like choosing this material. And such fabrics also are used to make wedding dress for those higher classes as well. Though the wedding dress can be a little simple, such wedding dress can be sexy and elegant at the same time. The gloss of the dress and the amazing design can reveal the elegant temperaments of the bride very well and it can give people very different feelings.

Lace wedding dress can give you palace-like luxurious feeling

The art characteristics of the embroidery are bedecked with jewels, glittering and translucent gorgeous. And the bright color has the effect of reflect when it has been shined by the lights. And this can be viewed as the high-end wedding dresses in modern wedding dresses. Many wealthy tend to choose embroidery wedding dresses when their daughter are going to get married, which can be elegant and luxurious, and it can also highlight their own stature. So today, I will introduce a lace embroidery cheap designer wedding dresses for you.
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The light gauze and magnificent satin fabric collocating with the extremely exquisite beads, the wedding dress can be delicate without complexity piling up, but it also has the stereo aesthetic feeling. Design masters love such unique designs, and they will embroider with a small amount of graceful patterns, and then inlaid some crystal roses, or even some words of the blessing, which can help the bride, leave a beautiful figure when she is saluting.