Shanghai’s Fair Ladies

In the story there are incredible fair lady falling in love with a young boy with nothing, beautiful and romantic elopement story in today there are still infinite, more countless couples are willing to use this to explain the attitudes of them to treasure life and love.


A generation of women fall in love with little apprentice in a shop, princess falling in love with a poor man, the only beautiful love theme, the bride can comb a favorite vintage style, wearing elegant cheongsam, makeup and so on. All these can be more than delicate and exquisite; the groom will be casually dressed, with natural, unrestrained and immature temperaments to win in a fate destined and to encounter with each other. Ignoring the status, the end of time, meet under the buttonwood can be originally pure and fresh.


Though college theme under the wind is what most people like when they take wedding photography, retro college feeling are more favored. Sister head, plait, straight and clear soup noodles hairstyles, with a wide body cheongsam or a jacket knee-length skirt, with round cloth shoes, wearing school wear, or long gown or Chinese tunic suit, hand-woven long white scarf, partial separately hair, with rickshaws, thread-bound book and so on. Living as in the old time of youth, in that to read the book of songs and carrying English words, two hearts accidental meet with each other, the theme is pure and fresh, such as soda, seeped a feeling of summer cool and refreshing flavor.

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Mermaid Wedding Dress can Show the Bride’s Figure Perfectly

There are many different categories of wedding dresses. As one of the most special types of clothing; wedding dress has its unique charm. Although the majority of women think that there will be only one chance for them to wear wedding dress during their lives. All the girls do not want to compromise in this aspect. Many prospective brides will invite top wedding designers to design a unique set of marriage gauze. And today I want to introduce a type of significant wedding dress for most brides; we could pay attention to this wedding dress together!


So when you are choosing an appropriate wedding dress, you can take mermaid wedding dress into account if your figure is relatively well. This kind of wedding dress can show the figure of the brides very well. White color wedding dress can make the bride very holy and pure. Wedding day is the biggest day of our lives, and most of us want to be the most beautiful woman in the day.


If you ask me about that what kind of wedding dress is the most significant kind, then there is no doubt that the mermaid wedding dress is the most beautiful for any kinds of female postures. If the wedding dress is the transparent long sleeved lace wedding dress, and the high waistline design can highlight the texture of the wedding dress, which can be very elegant. Perfect backless design can be more enchanting, which can show your temperament very well. Those pearl decorations can add unique beauty for the wedding dress. The sexy mermaid design is very luxurious, elegant and amazing, just like mermaid jumping out of the water, charming and beautiful which can be beyond imagination!


Choose Wedding Dress Styles According to Different Face Types

Before you choose the cheap wedding dresses online, you should know what kind of face type you have. This will help you look for a wedding dress that is suitable for you!

Oval Face
This is the perfect and ideal face type. It is usually called egg-shaped face and belongs to the traditional face of beauty. There’s no need to add some decorations, so you will have multiple choices of wedding dress styles if you have such kind of face type.

Round face
This face type looks wide and plump, so the length should be added to reduce the round sense. The V-neck wedding dress will be the most suitable. If you choose a wedding dress with jewel neck, the neck should be larger than the face type to make it smaller.
Fabulous Trumpet-Mermaid Straps Natural Court Train Lace Ivory Sleeveless Zipper With Button Wedding Dress with Appliques CWXT14061
And in daily life, if you have a round face, you should also pay attention to the match of V-neck apparels.

Indeed, for people with round face, V-neck clothes will make their face longer and make them better-looking.

Square face
This face type belongs to the wide type, which gives people a strong angle feeling. A wedding dress with jewel neck will strengthen such kind of feeling while a wedding dress with U-neck can weaken this visual effect. The square face which doesn’t look large is very individual. So the personal beauty should be accentuated.

Triangle-shaped face
The triangle-shaped face looks like a pear with a broad lower jaw and a narrow upper jaw. So if you have such kind of face, you’d better choose a wedding dress with V neck. It will make your face type natural. And V-neck apparels are also your best choice in your everyday life.

Diamond-shaped face
The edge line of triangle-shaped face and square face is both obvious and corner angles can be easily seen. This face type is pointed, long and narrow. Both upper jaw and lower jaw are small. So if you have a diamond-shaped face, you’d better use bang to hide the upper jaw and use fluffy hair on sides to increase the width of the lower jaw. Then the whole face type will turn into the inverted triangle type. Thus, there are also no limitations to the choice of collar.

For women who have such kind of face type, they should pay attention to the match of hairstyle and apparels. They can try to have neat bangs to cover the upper jaw. In this way, their face will be good-looking.