Romantic luxurious wedding dress can make the bride like the lotus flower

Every girl has a romantic dream, and they hope wearing a dreamy, romantic wedding dress to get married with the beloved prince. Couture wedding dresses can be viewed as the most important clothes in a woman’s life. And most of the brides will spend big bucks to order a customized wedding dress.

This wedding dress will not make you feel unsatisfied. Though the design of the wedding dress is simple, it can still make the bride be fresh and elegant. The design of the dress uses the close fitting waistline to show the sexy figure of the bride. And the sexy strapless design and the backless design can make the bride be more charming. The soft gloss of the fabric can make the bride be more elegant and charming.


The highlight of the wedding dress is the design of the fluffy gown dress, the layers of the skirts can make the bride like the lotus flower, which is soft and beautiful. The romantic and dreamy feeling can make everyone fall in love with the bride with the first glance. The delicate and wonderful trailing of the dress can show the bride’s sexy figures. Bride’s elegant temperaments can be revealed very well.

Mermaid backless wedding dress can show the hot figure of the bride

There is no doubt that the heroine of the wedding ceremony is the bride. And to the bride, this can be the biggest day in her life. So they need complete arrangements as well as any kinds of decorations. Choosing an appropriate wedding dress can be the first important thing for them. And people with different characteristics will have different favor to choose the couture wedding dresses. Now I will show you an amazing mermaid backless wedding dress, hope you will love it.


This wedding dress is really dreamy and romantic. The backless design of this wedding dress uses the high waistline design to show the soft curve line of the bride. While, the open chest design of this wedding dress can show the sexy chests of the bride, which can make the bride be very sexy and charming. One highlight of the mermaid wedding dress is the design of the details of the backless design, which can show the curve of the bride very well. And the delicate sexy design of the backless design can make the bride be very sexy and hot. This is one kind of amazing wedding dress, do you agree with me?

How to wear petite sense when you wear the wedding dresses

Delicate brides are very attractive, but in the wedding day, how can we get the image to be an innocent girl? Every bride wants to become an innocent girl to wear a couture wedding dresses and be the wife of her beloved husband. Then you can take a look at the following tips.

The first solution: high waist line plus the decorative flowers
High waist line wedding dress can create a perfect figure; especially it can visually elongate the lower body. On the shoulder or chest, some flowers are used as the decoration, which can further enhance the line of sight, and a woman will be more elegant in this case.

Vest type high waist wedding dress has concise lines, which can modify the body very well, and the upper body can be decorated with flowers dense and lower body is scattered with full decorations.

The second solution: the wrap style wedding dress.


The wrap style wedding dress has some decorative lines which can make the bride’s figure be more attractive. And it can also make the bride be more elegant.

The third solution: heighten the sexy curve.


If you have a plump figure, then you have the beautiful sexy line. If you cover them with clothes, you will look fat, so you can just show them in front of people. The perfect chest and waistline can make you thin at once.

Your beautiful collarbone can make you be delicate and attractive.

The fourth solution: some elegant feelings can be added if you want to be elegant.

Some decorations can be added if you want to be a fairy like bride.