Colorful wedding dresses have been popular in 2016

In April and October of each year, wedding dress designers will come in a hurry to release the new series of designer dresses for the coming year before the wedding season. In these three days, those world famous wedding dress designs are gathered together to design the wedding dresses.


Some of them may pay attention to the wedding dress designs at the early times, some of them may be famous because of some fashionable designs shown in the red carpet, some of them may just begin to take part in the fashion clothing design, so each of them will show different style. When you see them, you will know that your knowledge about wedding dresses have been out of date.

White color has always been the main color of wedding dresses. In nowadays, simple colors and gray colors have been loved by those famous designers. In the 2016 spring and summer wedding dress show, some bright colors have been used. The large area printing thick and heavy colors and high saturation colors, and the fresh and elegant Macarons colors have also been used to make the wedding dress look amazing and beautiful.

Mermaid close fitting wedding dress can create luxurious feelings

We should know that those luxurious wedding gowns don’t mean that you need to expose your skin. Many world famous wedding dress designers will not depend on those details to make the designer dresses be more amazing. They can use high end designs and delicate cutting skills to show women’s figure lines very well. And this wedding dress which I will introduce to you belongs to the mermaid close fitting wedding dress, which may help you when you choose the wedding dress.


This wedding dress is very romantic and dreamy. The upper part of this wedding dress can show the bride’s amazing curve lines with the amazing cutting skills. And the high waistline design of this wedding dress can make the bride be sexy and elegant with the close fitting bra design. And the lower part of this wedding dress uses a mermaid trailing as the bright spot of this wedding dress, which can make the bride’s figure be more attractive.
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By the way, the embroideries are also very beautiful. The upper part of this wedding dress uses lace as the main fabric, which is very tense and beautiful and it can show the luxurious feeling. The scattered snow patterns decorating the whole wedding dress, which can make the wedding dress, be very romantic and dreamy. This is amazing wedding dress, you will like it.

How to choose the color of the wedding dress (2)

Before this, Greek also uses white color as the main tune of the designer dresses and it is the most common used color in wedding. But this white is not the pure white. In ancient Rome, the bride would wear a yellow face cover. And the Chinese tradition uses red clothes to indicate the happiness. In the 20th century, the silver wedding dress can also be used to show the noble place of the royal palace. So we can find that wedding dresses are so colorful, there is no special need for us to dress in white all the time.



Actually, the color of the wedding dress is not so important. And the biggest rule of the collocation is that the color should be similar to the color of the bride’s skin. Those oriental women are yellowish, if they dress in white wedding dress, it would be strange. However, if they dress in light yellow color, it would be much better. However, color should be chosen according to the bride’s skin color and her own like. The most important thing is that whether the bride likes this color or not. If she doesn’t like this color, the effect would not be so good.