Classic wedding dresses worn by those princess consorts

On Saturday, Prince of Monaco, Pierre Casiraghi held the wedding in the palace of Monaco with the Italian Arona Earl’s daughter Beatrice Borromeo. The new princess consort’s dresses all made by valentino. One of them is a dress with lace sleeves. Lace sleeves wedding dresses have been viewed as the symbol of princesses’ weddings.

In addition to the princess consorts of Monaco, princess consort Kate and the Swedish Princess Nicky Hilton of Hilton family, even Kardashian has also put on the wedding dresses with lace sleeves. All of them are very beautiful and elegant. And we even forget that Kardashian always stays at the first place of news.

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So we can know that lace designer gowns are the hottest dresses in these years. Now retro styles are also very popular, so as the wedding dresses. In fact, lace sleeved wedding dresses have been known several years ago.

The identification law for the wedding dress fabrics

The characteristics of stain fabric: satin is the most common used fabric for wedding dresses. And the texture of this fabric is thicker than other kinds of fabrics. It has good draping feelings and it can keep the bride warm, which is suitable for the autumn and winter wedding.


The characteristics of gauze designer gowns: Gauze can be used in many different situations. They can be used as the main materials or it can also be used as the second material to decorate. The texture of the gauze is elegant and soft, which can be used to show the looming beauty. And it is suitable for every season. There are many kinds of gauze and the way to divide the fabrics is also different. Usually we will divide them through the fiber and the processing way.


The characteristic of lace: lace has delicate designs and the process is unique. Through the delicate process, the patterns will have the effect of floating convex and it feels more comfortable.


Lace was used the second material in the past, because of its luxurious texture and it’s romantic characteristic. Now more and more designers and brides prefer using lace fabric than other fabrics as the main fabric of the wedding dress. The main difference between lace patterns are the pictures, there are no difference in the aspect of texture. The most important aspect is that whether the lace has the three dimensional effect or not.

The wedding dress with the straps can show the sexy temperaments

The hot summer can not stop the step of the new couples; they will still hold the wedding ceremonies. Some may enter the holy church, some may hold the wedding on the lawn and some may hold outdoor weddings as well, which can be gentle and romantic. But no matter where you are holding the wedding ceremony, for the bride, a beautiful designer gowns can be used to memory the amazing moment of her life.


This time I will introduce a wedding dress for you, which belongs to the straight floor length wedding dress. And this wedding dress adopts the most popular high waist line design to show the beautiful S curve line of the bride. The simple strapless design of this dress as well as the fashionable flower straps cab show the elegance, nobleness and luxurious feelings in a low key way.

logoThe simple elegant white strapless wedding dress can use three dimensional cutting designs to show the pure temperaments of the bride. The backless design of this wedding dress can show the back of the bride very well. The simple belt can make the wedding dress be more elegant and sexy. Though this wedding dress is simple, the wedding dress can still make the wedding dress be high end and luxurious. This is a deserve having wedding dress.