Little tips for you to choose the shawls in winter

1. If we want to use a winter wedding shawl, we can wear a spaghetti straps wedding dress, which can be very beautiful. And the fabric of the shawl should be similar with the fabric of designer wedding gowns, only this collocation can give us a better effect.


2. When we choose the winter wedding shawl, we should choose it according to our figures. Those petite brides can choose those pink colored and stiff shawls. And those tall brides can choose those dark colored and soft shawls.


3. If the wedding dress is relatively complex, then we should use a simple shawl as the collocation. If the wedding dress is simple, then we can use some gorgeous shawls to make it more beautiful.


As we all know, if we want to be beautiful, we should choose the appropriate wedding dresses and appropriate shawls. Don’t just choose the dresses and shawls with others’ suggestions, you should try on the dress and the shawl with yourself to find it whether they are suitable for you or not.

Some knowledge about the selection of diamonds (2)

The purity of the diamonds
In general, the value of diamond can be determined with the flaws. More accurate said, we should find that how much impurities exist in the ore. Almost each drill in ores contains impurities, even if it is a diamond with good quality.


Carat was considered to be only measurement of diamond. And this can be viewed as a measurement of the worth of diamonds in the decisive criteria. In fact, the diamond cutting, color and clarity and weight for the diamond value are all equally important. The weight of the diamond is not the main factors to measure the diamonds. The weight of the diamond still affects its value. Clarify the jeweler, you should ask the accurate weight of your diamond from the shop owner. So at the time of purchasing designer wedding gowns , you should ask the weight carefully. If the jeweler is not willing to do so, then you can go to another store.

Mosaic is a very important part of picking a good diamond. The poor mosaic skill will cause a lot of trouble things, it may cause the diamonds to fall. Therefore when you buy a diamond ring, you must check the bracket, to find out whether it is thick enough.

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The shape of the diamond
Now there are more and more styles on the market, the jewelry designer is also innovative constantly. But if it is compared to the classical styles, which is round, oval, pearl and square. Diamond shape in general does not affect the value and quality. On the contrary, it can reflect the diamond cutting skills.

Embroidery thread hollow out wedding dress can be sexy and luxurious

Hollow out wedding dresses are luxurious and elegant and they usually use the high end embroideries to make the bride be more elegant and charming. And when the bride wear in this wedding dress, she will be amazing just like a princess, and this style has been loved by the European noble classes. Now, more and more brides will choose European designer wedding gowns for their wedding day. And now i will show you a newest beading wedding dress.



logoThis newest wedding dress uses the amazing delicate fabric. The out layer of the wedding dress uses the embroideries as the main material. And the inner layer of the dress uses the semi transparent flesh like color, which can be very romantic and sexy. And this beading wedding dress uses the off shoulder design, which can make the bride be very elegant and noble. And the delicate embroideries heighten the whole noble feeling of the wedding dress. And the fresh delicate color is the first choice for those fashionable women. Using a waistline to make the waist be slimmer can be a good choice for those brides.