Money Comes Easily, but an Appropriate Wedding dress Doesn’t

Marriage can be viewed as the biggest thing in all the women’s lives. Many brides want themselves to have sweet romantic wedding dresses. And many would-be brides even throw lots of money to buy a nice wedding dress. But an old saying goes well: Money comes easily, but an appropriate wedding dress doesn’t. So lots of brides want to customize their own destination wedding dresses and this can be quite difficult.


The wedding dress I want to introduce for you is the gown which uses the current relatively popular design style, but this is not the most attractive highlights of the wedding dress, the biggest bright spot of the wedding dress is that its external platoon yarn, which can not only make the wedding dress be more sedate, wipe and platoon yarn can also give a lot of disguised ways for those brides who with not so perfect figures.


Another big luminescent spot of this wedding dress lies in its arms deliberately embroidered a ring of very fine silver belt, in order to make this wedding dress be more high-end, the highlight of stereoscopic exquisite embroidery for this wedding dress is more gorgeous. And it also adopted the mermaid shape type adduction to let the bride’s body be more concave and convex. Smooth fabric with the fine lace can make this wedding dress be very elegant and noble, which is a rare worth having wedding dress.


An appropriate lace wedding dress could be really hard to get if you only choose from the surrounding shops. You can find your wedding dress from the online shops and you will have much more choices. Hope you will like it.


The layered strapless wedding dress is beautiful and rich layering

右1Have you ever tried any layered strapless casual beach wedding dresses, which can be full of beautiful and rich layering feelings? After June, in the next six months, a wave of marriage will be spurt. Want to be a beautiful bride? So you need to care lots about the choice of wedding dresses as well as many other accessories. And are you still confused about how to choose a right wedding dress? Next, I will introduce a beautiful layered strapless wedding dress, I believe it will inspire you to choose the 2016 wedding dress; following is something about this dress, and let’s have a look at it!

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This 2016 wedding dress belongs to the floor length wedding dress, which I introduced above. And this section strapless wedding dress with gray tones, giving a sincere, calm, elegant stable sense to the others. The biggest bright spot of this strapless wedding design is the unique tiered wedding flowers decorations, the tiered flower spray just like the wave shape, layer upon layer from the waist down with a very rich sense of movement, which is very beautiful and elegant. In the position of the personal bra and the close fitting strapless design, they all use lace with the same formula to modify the wedding dress, which is very romantic.

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Trendy Sheath-Column Strapless Empire Waist Chapel Train Chiffon Wedding Dress

The customer service of Cocomelody will give you some large discount if you are lucky and become the right customer of our shop. I believe that each woman has the dream to become the most charming bride when she was young. Everyone wants to be the queen of the wedding, to change into the star, and to enjoy the love from your prince charming.

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Small trailing wedding dress is elegant

COCO logoWedding dress with small trains can make the brides elegant and grace. For many girls who are about to walk into the wedding hall, having a beautiful wedding dresses for the beach belongs to their own could be very dreamy. But there are so many wedding dresses, how to find the wedding dress for the brides themselves could be a hard thing. Actually a lot of Europe and the United States beautiful wedding dresses are very popular these years, but these dresses are too sexy, which doesn’t fit the characteristic of the Oriental women. So it has become a trouble for those would be brides to choose an appropriate wedding dress.

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Stylish Sheath-Column One Shoulder Floor Length Chiffon Wedding Dress

This wedding dress belongs to the small trailing wedding dress. This wedding dress uses chiffon as the main fabric of the marriage gauze materials; the overall feel is gentle cool and endowed with elastic. And if you see this wedding dress from the outside, you can find that this wedding dress is quietly elegant, which has excellent permeability and draping. The color white is nature, giving person a kind of noble and elegant feeling, and romantic emotional feelings are revealed from the concise designs. To be more elegant, you should choose a right wedding dress for your wedding party.

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The high waist part is used to reveal the gently beautiful figure of the brides. And the belts are used to make the bride seem sexy and conservative, compared with those eastern characteristics. The waist is decorated with a white flower in order to make this wedding dress be purer, and the simple hem with an orderly solid grain is used to make this wedding dress more romantic, elegant and noble.