Sincere Ball Gown Wedding Dress: Dreamy, but not elaborate.

LB logoMany may come up with the picture of an elaborate and heavy bridal gown when mentioned the word “ball gown wedding dress”. However, is that what ball gown dresses really look like? Of course not. In fact, ball gown affordable lace wedding dresses made by top designers can be so enticing that you may find it really difficult to refuse. As a result, we are honorable to introduce you one stunning design that may change your mind on ball gown dresses to some extent. Come and take a look! BY Tiffany

11.11 LBlace a1Many bridal gown designers are in great fond of lace, yet the designer of this gown take a different tact from them. You can hardly find lace in his design, but tiered tulle instead. Not well-known enough, the romance and sexiness bridal gown show depend on the design of the designers completely. In this case, it shall be the special processing on the strapless design, which is featured by the vertical wavy lines spreading all over the chest, leaving the impression of grace and romance. While the ball gown skirt, for a change, adopts sincere wavy design to the entire gown. How can anyone say no to such an exquisite and glorious gown?


11.11 LBlace a2

Cute Trumpet-Mermaid V-Neck Lace Ivory Sweep-Brush Train Wedding Dress

11.11 LBlace a3


Meanings of Bridal Gown Colors

11.4 LB lace b3White: The kind color of the cheap lace wedding dress is now very popular at the weddings, it is a symbol of purity and loyalty for love, and always giving others the solemn and joyful feeling. BY Tiffany

Red: Different wedding dresses in different colors have different meanings. Red is the traditional color of China. As we all know, red represents passion, and can bring the happy festival atmosphere. What is even more, besides the white wedding dresses, red wedding dress is the most popular wedding dress color.

Green: Green wedding dresses symbolize positive and active feeling, which is also full of vitality, giving people a comfortable and cozy feeling as well.

11.4 LB lace b1

Timeless Trumpet Mermaid Sweetheart Brush Train Ivory Wedding Dress

Pink: What will be the meaning of pink wedding dresses? Well, the meaning of the pink wedding dress represents cuteness, youthfulness and delicateness, which is also the color that quite popular among young people.

11.4 LB lace b2

Purple: This kind of wedding dress color usually make others feel it mysterious and dreamlike hazy beauty.

Blue: The color blue is a representative of deep and elegant feeling, low-key but not lack of luxurious sense.

Perfect Collocation of Belts and Bridal Gowns

LB logoMany brides have had such a feeling, always feel others’ cheap lace wedding dresses styles are similar to their owns’. They are almost all the white long train wedding dresses, or strapless wedding dresses, or thin strap wedding dresses. Anyway, the whole gown is seemed that there is no special thing. However, as a determined bride, you should do from the collocation of wedding dresses. Make the small details to be your bright points, and become the most attractive thing of the whole dress. Today, Demi will share that how to make a perfect matching of temperament belt and wedding dress.

Mashup style is casual, nature and not contrived, and even has a very good body modification , at the same time, fashion degree is unabated. There are also too many elements can be beautiful and warm, which reflects a seemingly inadvertently reveal of delicacy. Well, actually the wedding dress can also have mixed matching elements, then, let’s take a look at what’s the effect when the wedding dress matches with the belt!

Divine Bateau Dropped Train Lace White Long Sleeve Wedding Dress with Appliques 

10.28 LBlace a1

Seemingly casual, but in reality it is a surprise. As an elegant wedding dress, taste is determined by details. Matching a same color tulle belt with the bridal gown can not only increase the multilevel sense, but also add the bright points to the waist.

Mashup is a new combination which is full of personality features. Lace and white tulle is a classic collocation, but if you take a thin belt, then, your slender waist is highlighted even more! Sexy and elegant feeling is this!