Basic Requirements of Bridal Makeup

You are beautiful. But how to make yourself more nature at the wedding day can be a problem. The following two points can be read as tips.


The liner painting: every bride is a pure angel. So when you are wearing the bridal makeup, you should pay attention to the liner makeup with special attention. The liner should not be too thick or too dark, or it will leave a bad impression to others. You can use those artificial eyelashes to make your eye be more beautiful.


The collocation of the lipstick: When you choose the color of the lipstick, you can choose it according to the eye shadow. Don’t use those too dark or those too light lipsticks. What you should do is to create a cute and adorable bride’s makeup. Only the natur bride can be the most beautiful bride in the world.


When you know all these tips of how to wear an appropriate makeup at the wedding day, you will certainly be the most beautiful and attractive woman spinning around with your Prince Charming in your gorgeous wedding dresses.

The Princess Wedding Dresses can Make the Brides Look like Fairies

Dressed in a snow-white princess wedding dress and married with her long-awaited prince charming can be the dream for all the girls. They want to walk into the sacred wedding hall with the most beautiful ball gown wedding dresses. And it is also one of the great dreams in my heart. A vigorous romantic love, such as a cotton candy, sweet romance with scene of the wedding can be in the heart of each girl. And we all know that a beautiful wedding dress is needed to create a romantic wedding. And choosing an appropriate wedding dress can also be a really hard thing.


This wedding dress adopts the most popular design, the high waistline with the strapless design can highlight the bride’s soft waist line, make the bride seem more perfect, sexy and confident. And one of the highlights in this wedding dress is the belts it used, which can make this wedding dress look heavier, and the dignified atmosphere is not frivolous. And another big luminescent spot of this wedding dress is its double hems, the inner layer is given priority to the trailing, and under the outer layer, the inside layer is extremely thin and looser, romp through the inner layer of the tail design, making the bride like a fairy, which is so dreamy. And all I want to say is that this is a very dreamy princess wedding dress.


Commonly, the brides will choose white, light purple, pink or other light colors as the main colors of their wedding dresses. But if you want to hold a special wedding ceremony, so you could change the theme of the wedding party, you need those wedding dresses with other colors, and you can come to our online shop and choose the lace wedding dress fitting you most.


Floor Length Wedding Dress is More Suitable indoor or outdoor?

For those brides who will go to get married, choosing an appropriate wedding dress is a headache thing; many brides due to various reasons such as figure venues will be unable to find a nice wedding dress. Different types of wedding dress are very different from each other. And the occasions should also be taken into consideration when you are choosing an appropriate wedding dress.  For those brides, they will concern much about the question that whether this kind of dress is suitable for the occasion. So here is the question, floor length wedding dress is more suitable for indoor or outdoor situations.


As many people like those large trains about the wedding dresses, and they want to wear such wedding dresses in their wedding ceremonies. But this wedding dress is not suitable for everyone. For those petite girls, this wedding dress is not suitable, because this dress is slightly larger, which can be really strange if the petite girls wearing such wedding dresses. And for those fat girls can choose wedding dresses with large trains instead of sheath floor length wedding dress, because sheath wedding dresses require a lot to the figure of the bride.


In general speaking, wedding dresses with large trains will be worn in indoor situations and floor length sheath outdoor wedding dress will be worn in outdoor situations. Of course it’s not quite like that, a lot of indoor places is too small, which can only hold small trains of the wedding dresses, some were even cannot be put in. For that small occasion, the brides should better choose the sheath floor length wedding dress instead of those wedding dresses with large trains. For those who want to hold wedding ceremony in the outdoor situations, the sheath wedding dress can be the best choice for them.