Wedding Customs of Different Countries

Greece: Candies in the Gloves.

Greek brides will put some candies into the gloves during wedding preparation, meaning that she brings sweetness into the life. Moreover, Greek enjoyed greeting the wedding guests by dancing traditional hora in their amazing wedding dresses and suits. The leading singer of the choir would ask the bridegroom to take care of the bride and the bride would tap the groom’s feet to show her respect. Almonds in frosting would be sent as presents for the guests, which symbolizes happiness and abundance.


Italy: The Marriage of Sweet and Bitter.

Italians have similar wedding customs with the Greek. Their traditional dance, “tarantella”, is their way to greet their guests as well. What’s more, they also send people sweetened almonds as a gift. The only difference between must be the symbol of the sweets. From their perspective, almonds with frosting represent the marriage of bitterness and sweetness of the new couple for the rest of their lives. Italian brides will usually carry a small bag called “busta” around with money and sweets inside.



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